Selected works from 2012 - 2017

'Hills of Coal', mixed media/paper on canvas
shortlisted for the Whyalla Art Prize, October 2017



A Personal Ecology
Newcastle Art Space 2nd -18th October 2015


'.....the assembled works of Suzannah Jones leap off the walls...'
Jill Stowell, Art Critic, Newcastle Herald, October 2015



Downstream (wall based work), and A Dead Bird Pile Up, foreground



'cut up landscape', dyptich, 110 x 200,
paper, ink, pastel, pen, fabric, plastic collage on canvas, 2015
shortlisted for the Pro Hart Outback Art Prize, 2016








A matter of time or 'recreate, procreate, decorate, obsfucate' (detail)
powercord, recycled drawings, fabric, plastic, wood, ink, acrylic, enamel, photos, bat skull,
pottery, pins, string, wool, paper, on styrofoam, 110 x 100, 2015
















'Pod', detail, foam, coal and resin in cocus palm pod, 2015




Pods 1,2,3, or 'I looked closer and saw that the earth was weeping' ,2015
coal, styrofoam, acrylic and resin in cocus palm pod





Installation view, on floor is 'dead birds pile up', 2015 clay, found feathers, ink and enamel








my surfaces include gouged and chemically 'eaten' styrofoam resin landscapes,
that 'reveal disturbing pink interiors' - Jill Stowel, Newcastle Herald, Oct 2015



'The scars remain to reproach me', 2015, acrylic and resin on styr foam






'A souvenir', 2015, coal in resin




Remnant, 2015, coal, acrylic and resin on styrofoam





Night sky mining, detail, mixed media collage 2015





'Night sky mining, or, have you ever stuck your head in a pile of coal? ', 2015,
photos, acrylic, powercord, plastic, fabric, string, wool, recycled drawings, coal, shell,
found feather, recycled facial mask, cane, electrical cable, wood and resin on canvas, paper, board and styrofoam

I took photos of myself (which I collaged into this work) with my head wrapped in a powercord,
laid in amongst a pile of coal, hence the title.
Was an unpleasant task.





'Still, the scars remain to reproach me, or, I drive my car past the scars' 2015,
ink drawing on hosho paper, acrylic, and essential
oil sticks on styro foam.









Other selected works


Dead Bird Pile Up - 2013, 123cm x 240cm
ink, pastel, acrylic, oil, pen, texta, egg-shell, fabric, wood, paper, string, synthetic hair, photos on board
Selected as a finalist for the Whyalla Art Prize 2013.

Cessnock Regional Art Gallery , 2015



work in progress (Night sky mining) , As I have two young boys under four I often have art works on the go in the house
so i can grab a bit of time here and there when the kids are occupied.
However my 18 month year old gets a bit all works have to be well and truly strapped to the wall. This work
was exhibitied in A Personal Ecology.





Physis, 122cm x 122cm, mixed media on paper, 2014

shacks stacks and live bombs

Shacks Stacks and Live Bombs, 2012, mixed media on paper, 150cm x 250cm

(short listed for the Outback Art Prize 2012, Broken Hill Regional Gallery)

Outback Art Prize

Installation view - Outback Art Prize 2012, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery



willy willy2

Willy willy 2, mixed media on paper, 2.5m x 1.5m 2012



gasflare landscape

Gas flare landscape, mixed media on paper, 50cm x 70cm, 2012


Installation view of Gas Flare Landscape in group show; Marked - Drawing Now,
Cessnock Regional Art Gallery, March 2013

the fish trap

The fish trap , 2012, mixed media on paper, 150cm x 70cm


fish are jumping

meltdown , ink, acrylic, pen and collage on paper, 2012



selected work 2006-2011


Yarta Purtli

Long Sleep Plain, Yarta Purtli Gallery, Port Augusta 2009


Roadside, Horrocks Pass, pencil and ink on paper, 2009 - from the Long Sleep Plain series


After the rain, pastel and ink on paper, 2009, 150cm x 65cm - from the Long Sleep Plain series


Douglas Point

Douglas Point, ink on paper, 2008 - from the Long Sleep Plain series


hill with cairn by Suzannah Jones

hill with cairn #3, ink and pastel on paper, 2006 - from the Grindell's Hut series